Flip It!

Flip It! is a creative arts programme offering innovative therapies including music, art, dance & equine programmes for Autistic children & young people. We host silent discos and creative arts workshops, family festivals, conferences & symposiums.

The North West Spectrum are a group of young Autistic adults who initially met weekly during lockdown via zoom, the group developed their website (www.nwspectrum.com) as a way to keep the autism community connected with various events and helpful organisations post COVID and to act as autism advocates using their lived experience to help empower others and to create opportunities to deliver programmes that promote the wellbeing of fellow Autistics using creative arts, animal & nature based activities and family events to encourage self-expression, acceptance, to celebrate individuality and to highlight the unique artistic and musical talents that are often associated with Autism.

Free to be Me! Is a fun programme of Creative Arts including music, visual art, movement and play, exploring a variety of sensory based activities promoting self-expression and discovery in a group setting. Our approach is informal and relaxed allowing children to explore a wide variety of media and techniques, finding what works best for them.

Find us on facebook – Fliptcreativearttherapies

Email: louisegasyard@gmail.com